GD & TAEYANG’s Good Boy Music Video has exceeded 98 million hits on Youtube

GD & TAEYANG’s ‘GOOD BOY’ Music Video on YouTube recorded more than 98 million. This MV was disclosed first in November 2014. And the same year, in December 2, it broke the 10 million hits, and to break 50 million in April last year, after which the player traffic has been rising, by the fans favorite.

If the MV breakthrough 100 million hits, it will be BIGBANG’s third video in YouTube hits 100 million following the "FANTASTIC BABY" and "BANG BANG BANG", and will become a record 3 100 million the first South Korean men's team.

World-class director Colin Tilley served GOOD BOY’s MV shoot through gorgeous visuals and unique filming techniques and received attention. When open, the fashion an online magazine was selected as the "2014 most fashionable MV 10", and boarded the Billboard "The United States and around the world to watch the most number of K-POP MV in November" 1 position, causing the subject.

BIGBANG’s GD and TAEYANG belongs boarded the US weekly TIME magazine facts of "2016 TIME 100" candidate, the vote ended 30th in line to get the first three, gained popularity worldwide certification.

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