Kim Yuna and hockey player Kim Won Joong offered an explanation to have gotten back together

For anyone of which may have been confounded with all the breakup among world-eminence figure skater Kim Yuna and also ice hockey player Kim Won Joong, having a contact involving certain reports. Yet it might additionally become a tad bittersweet with regard to enthusiasts who wish the figure skating queen to remain solitary!

A representative explained to OSEN, "Kim Won Joong and Kim Yuna recently starting off experiencing each other yet again. These people broke up not too long ago yet decided to start once more. They are however upon mindful terminology.”

While inquired to ensure, Kim Yuna's representatives just exposed that they are unsure about the individual matters with their athlete.

Kim Yuna along with Kim Won Joong had introduced in the past their own relationship to start with of 2014, along with their own breakup was introduced with November of a year ago. Additionally with 2014, Kim Won Joong was furthermore gotten some flak immediately after it absolutely was claimed which he would head to massage spas along with proceed partying throughout his break time in the time of army duty.

Kim Yuna has retired from figure skate which is at the moment a grad college student at Korea University and Kim Won Joong may be cleared coming from army service and has started again his actions like a hockey player.

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